Kitchen Sink Strainer (2-pack) – 4.5″ Diameter, Wide Rim Perfect for Most Sink Drains, Anti-Clogging Micro-Perforation 2mm Holes, Rust Free, Dishwasher Safe

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Say goodbye to standing water, cheap strainers that float up, and clogged sinks! With LiBa’s high-quality stainless steel kitchen sink strainer, food bits and even the smallest debris will stay behind, while water and liquids completely drain through unrestricted. It fits most sink drains and garbage disposals, preventing clogged pipes and adding sewage waste to the environment.


  • Product diameter: 11.3cm
  • Micro-perforated bowl diameter: 7cm
  • Micro-perforated bowl height or depth: 2.6cm
  • Micro-perforated bowl holes’ diameter: 2mm

TIRED OF CLOGGED SINK STRAINERS? – Most sink strainers have 1mm or smaller drain holes which end up clogging the sink. LiBa’s sink strainer has 2mm diameter holes to let fine particles pass through. This means no more fishing around dirty water with your hands to unclog the drain.
SAVE TIME DOING DISHES – Avoid fumbling around a pool of dirty water trying to unclog the drain hole with your hands. Wash with warm soapy water to keep the impeccable mirror finish shine over time. Dishwasher safe.
AVOID CALLING THE PLUMBER – Protect your pipes from damage or clogged sinks by catching any large food particles or eating utensils that get stuck in the drain.
HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL – While most competitors use 201 stainless steel (which corrodes, rusts and stains your sink), LiBa strainers are made with 304 stainless steel resistant to rust and corrosion. The 2.75″ perforated bowl is contoured by a 2-ply metal rim to rest over sink’s drain.
LiBa is obsessed with using our creative juices and energy to design and manufacture products to enhance your home, kitchen, bath, and health with elegant materials, detailed assembly, and finishing detail. Our passion for creative design and amazing finishes take time to nurture and grow each product so you’ll love it as much as we do.



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