How to Choose the Best Garbage Disposal

A garbage disposal exempts you and your family of many worries when it grinds up and eliminates the leftovers in your home. Without it, your sink sewage would get clogged or you would have to clean everything with your hands, and you certainly hate those greasy disgusting wastes.

Using such a device may not be really earth-friendly, but it does sound better than setting the garbage out with the trash. Of course, before deciding what type of disposal to use, you need some general information.

Functioning and types of garbage disposal

Garbage disposals are devices connected to the kitchen sink drain. Their purpose is to grind biodegradable garbage, especially food, and to dissolve it using waste water before pushing it towards the sewage or the septic tank.

The garbage disposals can be divided in three categories: for septic tanks, batch feed and continuous feed. Most of the recently built or renovated homes use a continuous feed disposal. Compared the batch feed disposals, which are turned on and off using a stopper, continuous feed disposals are turned on and off using a wall switch.

The garbage disposals for septic tanks work on the same principles as continuous feed garbage disposals, the difference being made by a specific cartridge.

How to choose the best garbage disposal

Evaluate your needs: It would be useless to spend a fortune on a powerful disposer if you have a cheap sink that may rattle and interfere with its functioning. The weight and the sturdiness of the disposer should be directly proportional with that of the sink.

Choose the type of disposer carefully. Continuous feed devices are easier to use and they have the reverse function, very useful in preventing jams, but, if you have small children or pets, it is certainly safer to install a batch feed model.

The power of the disposer should be chosen according to your needs. Usually, ¾ HP is enough for most kitchens, but if you grind thicker, harder garbage, you may want to go for 1 HP.

Then, it all comes down to brand, warranty, price and personal preferences. In order to identify the most reliable brand, if you do not already have one in mind, it may be useful to read a couple of garbage disposal reviews, to find out what problems other people encountered with their purchases or what brands have the best ratings.

The longest price and the best quality/price rate should be your other priorities, but, so far, all the clues seem to lead towards the waste king garbage disposal – take a look at it, analyze its features and, perhaps, it will make your shopping cart without further trouble.

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